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Welcome to Rottie Aid Rottweiler Rescue! We are located in Colorado along the Front Range. Most of our adoptions are local, but we will consider adopting to some parts of Wyoming, Nebraska, and New Mexico. This is on a case-by-case basis, depending on availability of volunteers. 

Rottie AID is a 501C3 not-for-profit organization focusing on placement assistance, rescue, referral and education. Our primary goal is to rescue Rottweilers from high-kill shelters. We rarely take in young dogs or puppies from individuals.

At this time, Rottie Aid is short-staffed and is functioning at a limited level. Please go to our Information page for finding trainers, boarding kennels, and local rescue shelters that work closely with us in the event they find a Rottweiler not adoptable to the general public.

Please note that most of the dogs we get have issues and are often not kid-compatible. If the dog's bio states no kids please do not apply if you have small children. If you are a first-time Rottie owner, please know that most of our dogs are not appropriate and need an experienced Rottie handler. RENTERS: We do not often adopt to you but this is reviewed case-by-case as well -- the reason for this is many landlords have breed and size restrictions.

We are not just a place to rehome Rottweilers, but can also help with behavior modification. In most cases, this is training the pet parent, not the dog. Please reach out to us BEFORE you are at the end of your rope as most behaviors can be corrected and you can keep your dog. This rescue is very small and we need several weeks to find foster homes so please DO NOT wait until the situation is a crisis.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the breed, vet care, diet, training, etc. We have a network of people that we have formed relationships with through the years, so if we can't help we will try and direct you to someone who can.

If you are considering relinquishing your middle-aged or senior Rottie, you must understand that they are very hard to place. Dogs 5 years and older are not desirable due to the potential shorter life span of this breed. These dogs usually spend months in a boarding facility not knowing why they were dumped and left in a strange place. Please do everything in YOUR power to fulfill YOUR commitment to your Rottweiler. They love you and want to stay with you. Even if this means you are working long hours and don't have much time to spend with them, it is better than them rotting in a strange and scary place. You are what they know and trust.

All Rottie Aid dogs are micro-chipped with 911 Pet Chip which are registered through the  Free Pet Microchip Registry .

Need to look up a microchip number? Check out the Universal Microchip Lookup service!


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