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Rosie is a delight to everyone she meets! She was found as a stray, severely underweight, balding, and very sick. But look at her now! Rosie found a loving home that lets her do what Rotties were designed to do -- work! Rosie has earned some impressive working titles through AKC and ARC, including HT (herding), CS (carting), RN (Rally), and CGC (Canine Good Citizen). Rosie also loves to snuggle on the couch and is The Master of Minding Everyone's Business.
Rosie M.

Recently I adopted Sadie (fka Mercedes), a 6 yr old Rottie, for companionship, after I lost my Rottie. I had no idea she would fill the void so much. Not only is she very polite, and well mannered, she is the most affectionate dog I have ever had. Thank you to Rottie Aid and especially Tiffany, who found just the right rottie for me. I am so blessed.


Ellie came to live with us when she was four months old. Her brother, Wally, was very excited to have a new playmate. However, when she grew larger than him, he realized she could be a handful. Ellie is very keen on lounging, especially if some part of her body is resting on top of one of her humans. In the fall, Ellie will be three, and we cannot imagine a life without her.

We adopted “Kaos”, our 2 year old female rottie, from Rottie Aid last November and am so happy that we did.  She is such a sweet, goofy, playful girl.  We couldn’t imagine our home without her.  In fact we just recently fostered a 2 year old rottie boy “Mr. Woolly” for her to play with.  It looks like “Mr. Woolly” will be staying if “Kaos” has her way.  They have become best friends who stay side-by-side all day long.  What a complete joy it is to have both of them in our home and our lives ~ Thank you Rottie Aid!!!

Liebe was picked up as a stray on the streets, emaciated and scared. She now lives with her new mom and doggie sister and is loving life! But don't take our word for it -- hear it from Liebe herself:
Hi!  looke att meh now.  Meh prettie twoday butte not when reskewed.  I luv to chass small  furiee trwee kretures - hewmuns saya sqwuirrell butt onlee no it runs fast.  I luv to eate, and hang oute hwhen meh ownr is outside.  I luv meh life now!  Tanks furr sayveng meh.

Fritz is such a great addition to our family! We had a 4 year old Rottie girl named Tilly who needed a friend after we moved into a larger house as she was incredibly lonely. Fritz is the perfectly annoying little brother to her that she was missing, and they love each other. Fritz is such a loving dog, and is a total momma’s boy. We have worked with him through his skittish phases and have socialized him more to the point where he is now excited when friends and family come over instead of scared. We love our boy and love Rottie aid for helping us find this missing piece to our family! We love our spunky, silly, loving boy! Thank you so much for doing what you guys do, it means the world to people like us!